Other member presentations

Chinese Market Gardens

Terry Young

A presentation given to Heidelberg Historical Society April 2021.

Terry’s father and grandfather were both market gardeners who established market gardens in Coburg, Wunghnu and Donald. This talk discusses the locations and lives of Chinese market gardeners in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Discovering Andrew Pang

Laraine Ramsey

What can you discover when you have no information or sources willing to discuss “in family” background? Surprisingly enough, much more than you could envisage! With only a Marriage Certificate, and eventually a Death Certificate to work from, I have been lucky enough to receive a wealth of enthusiastic assistance, that has led to an absolutely impossible to have imagined outcome. There is a lot of help available. Take the plunge … and ask!

A Chan by any other Name

Louis Chan

A few years ago, Louis took the first few tentative steps in his family history journey. Joining CAFHOV provided a catalyst to discovery. Louis came to realise that it is not a short journey and whilst discovering ‘gold’ is part of the joy, discovering more questions has engaged him more than he anticipated. This presentation then is a snapshot of Louis’ work-in-progress.

The search for Mei-Lin’s Family Ancestry

John and Mei-Lin Griffiths: 

Mei-Lin’s father was born in China and came to Australia as a student in 1940. Both John and Mei-Lin have been researching her father and his father’s history dating back to his own arrival in 1890.

Who is Chin Loong? by Mei-Ling and John Griffiths

In search of Willie Dark and his family

Terry Young

Our family history research has been an exciting journey of discovery across three different continents in search of family connections and the reuniting of long lost relatives. Learn how persistent detective work has paid off over our many years of investigation and searching.

Terry Young is a first generation Australian of Chinese born parents. He joined his nephew Alan To in 1993 to learn more about his ancestors. From ignorant beginnings, his family research journey has been a deeply satisfying personal experience leading to discoveries he never expected to uncover.

The Story of Willie Dark by Terry Young and Alan To