CAFHOV Ancestor Register

The table below contains names of some ancestors currently being researched by our members. Any inquiries about specific people can be emailed to [email protected]

Name of Ancestor Alternate Name/s Family Name Date/year of Birth
Harm Goong Frank Young Harm (Tam/Tan) About 1874
Leung Mang Yee George Mang Yee Leung About 1830
Yum Hing (任慶)   Yum Between 1851 – 1876
Andrew Pang Andrew Hong Pang, Andrew Hoong Pang, Hung Pint Pang 1881
Samuel Louey Goon Louie Goon Louey 1867
Jim Taker/Teager/ Teaguer Cheong Tak, alias Ovel Taker/Teager/Teaguer/Teague c1822
William Ah Hiah John Williams, Ah Hiah Hiah c1836
Edward Teaguer Edward Taker/Teager Teaguer c1865 in Ballarat
Reverend John Tong Way Liu Ziangwei Liu 1862
George Woon Woon Yen / Duc Horn Woon 1880
Chin Lang Tip Langtip, Lang Tip Chin About 1834
Chin Loong Ah Loong Chen 1872
Mrs Lup Mun Cepore, Ho Lup Mun, Lipmon, 立文破, Lih Moon, Lipp Moon Ho c1870
Mee How Ah Mouy   Ah Mouy 26/4/1887
Monica Ah Mouy (nee Kung) Monica Kung (maiden), Monica Ah Mouy (married), Moonie (nickname) Kung c1897
Jessie Chou Leong Jessie Joe Leong Leong 11/12/1874
Peter Lue Quong Louey Quong Quong 1854
Hoey (Henry) Anguey Sang Ah Gouy Sang: Anguey Saing; Anguey Sang; Hoey Anguey; Ah Gong Sang; Hoey Ah Gooey Sang; Angooy Saing. Anguey; Ah Gooey Sang. About 1846
CHIN Kung Koon (CHIN) Kong Coon, Doo Chiew Chin, Chan 1868 or 1869
Willie Dark Woon Ack, Ah Ack, Wan Dick, 温得津 Woon 18/12/1874 or 18/9/1876
Barney Hong Coon Wong Coon, Ah Coon Coon c1831
Louey Leong Hock Louey Kay Louey 25/4/1871 (or 1872)
Dan Sam Ah Sam Probably Dan c1837
Ah Foon Joseph Foon Foon c1856
Luk Ah Kim James Ah Kimm, Look ah Kim Kim c1837
Reverend John Tong Way Liu Zhiang Wei Tong Way 1862